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Meanings of Guinea Pig Sounds and Body Language

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Guinea pigs make many different sounds and do many different things that each mean something different. Some seem similar but mean very different things. Knowing what each of these noises mean can help make your pet happier!

Small squeaks: When a guinea pig makes a bunch of small squeaks in a row, it usually means they are happy and content. They might also be looking for food or attention.

Long squeak or “wheek”: This can mean multiple different things. It can mean excitement, hunger or thirst, or fear. It can sometimes be hard to tell what your guinea pig means when they make this sound, however, you should be able to tell based on other clues.

Purr: When a guinea pig purrs it usually signifies contentment. They will often purr when pet, especially if it is a spot they like. If a purr is high-pitched, it then signifies annoyance.

Teeth chatter: When a guinea pig chatters his or her teeth it means they are angry, aggravated, or displaying dominance.

Rumble-strutting: Rumble-strutting is a display of dominance usually shown by males. It can also be a “mating dance.” It is hard to explain what it sounds and looks like, but you will know it when you see it. It may be accompanied by teeth chattering.

Jumping or “popcorning”: When a guinea pig popcorns it means they are very happy or excited.

Freezing: If your guinea pig freezes in one spot it is is sign of fear. They are hoping that whatever they see as a threat doesn’t see them.

Touching noses: This is a friendly greeting between guinea pigs.

Tossing head: If a guinea pig tosses its head (such as pushing your hand away when petting) it could be a sign of annoyance.

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