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About Our Shop

Here at Paige's Pets we are dedicated to designing and creating products you and your pet will love. Paige's Pets was founded by a girl who loves animals; she wanted to create something that they would love just as much. The nature and instincts of animals are what sparks ideas for new products. We are always working to create new items and improve current ones to make animals more comfortable within their homes. 

About Paige

Paige is the owner and founder of Paige's Pets. She started her small business on Etsy in 2015 at the age of 17. She was inspired by her pets to create items that would make their lives more comfortable and enjoyable. Paige was born into a house of pets, the number and variety of which has only grown. She now works at a vet clinic while continuing to run her Paige's Pets business. Read on to learn more about the pets! 

About the Pets

Paige and her family have a wide variety of pets. Mia is their wonderful dog who they adopted from a shelter at age two. She is a large Great Pyrenees mix weighing in at about seventy-five pounds and is now twelve years old. Panther, Tony Stark, and James Bond are their three cats. They were also all adopted from shelters; at age one, nine months, and eight weeks. They are now twelve, ten, and eight years old. The pets that inspired Paige to start her business were her first two guinea pigs, Almond and Hazelnut. Since then, Paige has added many more piggies to the family. The current piggies are Ivan, Ivy, Orchid, Pony, and Snowflake. Paige's younger sister also has two pets of her own; a bearded dragon named Chewie and a leopard gecko named Kirby. Paige's family has always had many fish, and they currently have 6 aquariums. These aquariums are filled with a wide variety of tropical fish. 

Our Team

Our dedicated team is always working hard to make you and your pets' lives better.

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Paige Kelsey


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Paige Kelsey


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Paige Kelsey

Customer Care

Our Team
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