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How to Tame a Guinea Pig

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Taming your guinea pig can be a long and frustrating process, but these tips and helpful hints will help smooth out the process and make it easier for both of you. The most important part of the entire process is patience. Here are my steps for taming a guinea pig.

The quickest way to a little piggie’s heart is food. My favorite food for taming guinea pigs is romaine lettuce because most love it and they can eat a lot of it.

  • Start by taking a small piece of the lettuce or other veggie they love and offer it from your hand to them.

  • At this point, many timid pigs will run and hide, even if they are hungry. If this is the case, toss the treat toward them and give them time to come out and eat it, keeping your hand in view.

  • You may need to repeat that step several times, or maybe many times before your piggy will eat from your hand, but once they do, it is even more rewarding.

  • The more often you hand feed your piggies, the more they will begin to trust you. If you go many days between hand feedings, the taming process may take a few steps back or not advance as quickly.

  • After they readily eat from your hand, you can begin to pet their head whilst feeding them. It may take a few tries before they allow you to do this.

Another key step to taming your guinea pig is handling them. Picking up and holding your guinea pig can be stressful for them if not done correctly.

  • Begin this process with hand feeding your piggie so they know good things will come from you.

  • Next pick up your pig. It is important to catch them quickly when attempting to hold them because chasing them around the cage with your hand for too long will only make things worse.

  • If your piggie is too difficult to catch, try providing a snuggle sack or something similar for them to crawl into. You can then pick that up with them inside of it.

  • Once you have your guinea pig in your hands it is important to make sure they feel safe and secure. I recommend having all four of their feet on some surface, whether it is your hand, arm, or lap. In my experience this makes them feel much more secure. Always make sure to support your piggie properly.

  • Once you are holding your guinea pig, give him or her a few strokes on the head and offer them more treats (lettuce or another favorite veggie).

  • Don’t hold your piggie for too long the first few times or they may get too stressed out for it to be beneficial to the taming process.

Patience is key when taming guinea pigs. Not all pigs will respond the same, each has their own individual personality! Being consistent will also help the process, so your piggie doesn’t forget how much you love them!

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