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Inspired by Pets

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Why Paige's Pets?

Paige's Pets products are made with quality materials and assembled with care. 

About Our Cage Liners


High Quality

Quilted Design

Made from recycled denim, U-Haul padding is an eco-friendly alternative to towels or other materials. It is super absorbent, absorbing up to 10x its own weight.
We use high quality fleece that will wick moisture down to the absorbent layer and away from your pet to keep him or her clean and dry.
Our quilted design keeps all the layers together securely wash after wash. Our liners have been tested to last hundreds of washes.

Shop Reviews

"Extremely well made! Holds up in washing machine." 

-Pamela Garlough

"Thank you my piggies just love it. Top notch house. Made with lots of care & very professional. Would recommend Paiges Pets for sure."


"Cute. Soft. Durable. The guinea pigs absolutely love it."

-Rachel Zsiba

"Quick shipping, good communication, nicely made :-)"


"Amazing! Very nice service. And arrived supper quick even though it was custom made for my cage. Size fit perfectly! Recommend!"


"I have purchased a few items from this store and it never disappoints! Shipping is always quick and everything is always made so well. There is only 3 stores I will purchase my guinea pigs stuff through and this is one of them!"


"Top quality. I am a repeat customer and highly recommend Paige's liners and other piggie items."

-Pamela Garlough

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